Thursday, April 17, 2014

Key West Art & Historical Society presents: Marky Pierson, Night Visions in Technicolor

One of the reasons Key West is so well loved is the dynamic artist community that exists.  Artists that challenge the norm, pour their creativity out from their very souls and are willing to take risks and and fly in the face of trends.  Emerging local artist and graphic designer Marky Pierson, is one such artist who has earned his reputation in the Key West community as exciting, risque and unbelievably talented.  Pierson's work is now on exhibit at the historic Custom House Museum, located at 281 Front Street, and open daily 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. March 1-June 30. The exhibit displays new paintings and designs focusing on three distinct categories: 'Conch Night' Series featuring the Hemingway House, Custom House and Curry Mansion; 'Squishy Femme' Series explores soft, squishy and everything womanly; 'Graphic Design' Series features graphic posters of iconic Key West images and large format paintings inspired by vintage tourism posters. Explore the world of Key West from local artist Marky Pierson and gain insight into the island vibe.  For more info contact Contact: 305-295-6616

The Key West FRINGE Theater presents "Conch Republic" the musical

 The story of those historic "mouse that roared" moments when the tiny island city of Key West declared independence from the United States way back in April of 1982. It's a rollicking musical tale of the Conchs taking on the Feds in one of the greatest PR stunts ever. Starring some of Key Wests greatest talents the show will be held at the historic San Carlos on Duval Street. 8pm show time April 25,26 and 27.  Join in on our celebration of succession! For more information and tickets visit or  Contact: 305-295-7676

Friday, April 11, 2014

32nd Annual Conch Republic Independence Celebration

Every year Key West hosts a week long party to celebrate the islands notorous 1982 succession from the United States.  The Conch Republic's 10-day birthday party showcases the independent and eccentric spirit that characterizes the Florida Keys.  In 1982 the island of Key West was maddened by the Federal Government placing a toll on US 1.  The island called for a  succession from the Union and named itself the Conch Republic.  When it became obvious that no federal monies would be rolling in to help the economically deprived island, the Conch Repeblic soon re-joined but is always proud of the brief, but well famed succesion.
Join in on the annual celebration with activities ranging from a wacky bed race to a lighthearted sea battle featuring tall ships, from impromptu parades to musical theater, from one party to the next don't miss out on honoring our sordid history of rebellion and nonconformity.  To see the schedule of events and for more information visit: or Contact: 305-296-0213.  See you there!